Meet Laurie

Professional Certified Grief Coach

Ms. Robbins-Ryan is an Educated Professional, with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science and Elementary Education. Her career  includes more than twenty years serving the community as a Lake County, Florida Elementary Education Teacher.  After the sudden and unexpected deaths of both her husband and her mother in 2017, Ms. Robbins-Ryan resigned from her teaching position in order to devote more time to her son. Searching for positive ways to deal with her losses and help her son through his grief, she enrolled in the nationwide certification program, From Grief To Gratitude. Ms. Robbins-Ryan successfully completed the program and became a Professional Certified Grief Coach in 2018. Currently a single parent to her ten year old, Ms. Robbins-Ryan believes her insight, understanding, and compassion as a Grief Coach are a result of her own experience with grief, along with her Training and years spent working with students as an Educator.

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